3 Things Teachers Can Do To Help Students Focus


As a teacher, looking at kids gossiping with each other, daydreaming, or engaging in acts unrelated to the subject is pretty common. The digital age has further complicated the problem by reducing the student’s attention span and making it harder for them to focus. Also, not every child possesses the same capacity to learn and some are even bogged down by learning disabilities.

To help you become a better teacher and ensure that your students pay attention to their studies, in this blog, we’ll share 3 things teachers can do to help students focus.

Add Movement

Expecting students to remain focused on the lecture while staying still will definitely be a disappointment. Movement can be used as an effective strategy to improve memory and retrieval, enhance learner morale and motivation, and strengthen learning. The movement also assists with increasing blood flow and stimulating the neural networks within the brain.

Another important thing to note is that not all forms of movement are helpful. Experts recommend the use of silent toys that help students with learning disabilities like ADHD and autism. Not only do these tools help such kids focus on their studies, but they also prevent distracting those around them.

studentEncourage Brain Breaks

Students—or anyone else for that matter—cannot remain focused on a single task for long periods. Research encourages teachers to make use of brain breaks. Simply put, these are mental and physical exercises created to restore attention. The theory states that movement increases the amount of oxygen that enters into the bloodstream which results in improved concentration.

Brain breaks have a positive effect on academic performance by helping the mind to unwind and regain its focus.

Use Standing Desks

Owing to their benefits, standing desks are finding acceptance in numerous schools and workplaces. These desks encourage physical movement and place less strain on the body as compared to traditional desks. Students are also able to stretch, ward of lethargy, and remained focus on the work at hand.

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