5 Creative Ways to Decorate Bookcases

book case

We love bookcases; they hold our most favorite and precious things—books! While there’s something aesthetically pleasing about an entire wall of just books, sometimes you wish to snazz things up a bit! 

Let’s look some creative yet functional ways of decorating bookcases:

1. Keep it simple yet classic

To decorate your bookcase in a picture-perfect manner, avoid packing books and accessories on every shelf. Feature a clean look by choosing a tone-on-tone or one-color scheme for your figurines and vases, and make sure to alternate between different shapes. 

We love to add class to our bookcases, giving it a timeless English-library feel by placing vintage finds like rotary dial telephones, old cigar boxes and brass eagle bookends. Group together similar bound books, and for the final touch, add an antique library ladder leaning against the bookcase. 

2. Strategic stacking

Add oomph to your book collection by stacking the books both horizontally and vertically—this will add dimensions to your shelf. Plus, it’s a great way to show off any book spine poetry that you might have created! 

Moreover, you can add picture frames and bold-color accessories that help the décor stand out on your shelves. 


3. Include fun lighting

A string of fairly lights and small candles (preferably battery-powered) are simple and fun ways of adding some sparkle to your book collection. 

With winter around the corner, you can even turn your bookcase into a winter wonderland with icicle-shaped lights.

Bonus idea: why not hollow out an old book and add a lamp inside?

4. Office symmetry

Give your bookcase an organized feel by creating loose symmetry. Place knick-knacks between books. If you have a square shaped picture frame in one shelf, mirror that with similar shaped collectibles on the opposite side. On a bookshelf such as this, you can punctuate the look further by scattering the books within the shelf.

5. Pretty panache

Last but not least; don’t overlook the power of bookends when decorating your bookcase. Use sturdy and heavy décor as bookends to keep your shelves organized. They will especially come in handy for slimmer books and paperbacks that are less likely to stay upright.

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