5 Ways You Can Improve Your Company Culture


Thriving company culture is the heart of every successful organization. Employees who feel connected to the company’s values, vision, and mission are truly its greatest assets.

Simply having a great process, product or game plan isn’t enough. In these competitive times, improving company culture has become non-negotiable for leaders in growth-focused organizations. 

Here are some ways you can improve organizational culture, and drive productivity and engagement:

1. Implement modern collaboration and communication tools

Outdated communication tools are a barrier to company transparency. It’s crucial that your team has an efficient and easy way to share information. 

Here are some great options you can start with:

For chat and collaboration

  • Microsoft teams
  • Slack
  • Google Apps for business

For video conferencing

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts

2. Recognize and celebrate wins

Studies have shown that organizations with a recognition-rich culture also have 31% lower turnover rates. 

Never underestimate the value and importance of micro-recognition. This involves creating systems and tools for employees at every level to recognize progress and achievements across the entire organization. 


3. Ask for frequent employee feedback

It’s important to create an environment where the employees feel like they have a voice. People are more invested in their jobs if they are given the opportunity to be creative in their tasks. 

4. Encourage face-to-face interactions

Conversations held in-person have less room for misunderstanding and miscommunication. Before sending out the next instant message or email, pause and consider if this is the best channel for the conversation. Is it possible that your tone and intentions may be interpreted? Ask yourself these questions before distributing important messages. 

Timely and clear communication can improve organizational trust, and in turn, the company culture. 

5. Improve ergonomics in the workplace

A well-designed ergonomic environment not only engages the workforce but also leads to operational excellence. Productivity gains and a happier workforce—sounds like a cultural shift that any company would gladly embrace!

desksIt’s simple: ergonomics directly influences employee efficiency. Doing something for 8 hours (or more) in a day is likely to affect your health—and when you’re in pain, you focus on what hurts and not on your work. The greater the pain, the more the productivity rates plummet. Moreover, overlooking ergonomics means paying for expensive procedures to correct years of harmful patterns!

Introducing standing desks is a promising way of improving ergonomics in the workplace. Studies have shown that prolonged sitting can have detrimental health consequences, including an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, and not to mention chronic muscle pain! A standing or stand-to sit desk not only keeps your limbs moving—improving blood circulation—but it has also shown to reduce back pain and boost productivity at work. 

Take the first steps towards a better company culture

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