Getting Creative with Your Home Office Space: 3 Tips

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There’s nothing more uninspiring than working in a dull and drab office space. Home offices are some of the most neglected spaces in your home; what starts as a spare room with hopes of turning into a productive workspace eventually descends into a catch-all storage room that no one wants to work in!

If you’re on a quest of remodeling your home office, here are some affordable and creative tips that can help you transform it into something aesthetically pleasing yet functional:

1. Let There Be Light

Even the most thought-out floor plans neglect one critical element: natural light. Studies have shown that the absence of natural light in the workspace can affect your mood and make you feel gloomy. 

Another important aspect is the direction of light in your workspace. Make sure your desk is placed in a way that natural light doesn’t cause a glare on the computer screen; window tints or glazes can be used to filter out the sun’s glare, eliminating the possibility of eye squinting headaches. 

In case windows aren’t feasible, you can bring natural light deep into the office space through light shelves—horizontal surfaces that reflect light deep into the building.

standing desk

2. Color & Décor

Bring a splash of lively paint in your office to break up the dreariness of dark colors. Bright colors like red, orange and yellow lift your mood, while colors like blues, greens and violets give you a sensation of peace and tranquility. 

Moreover, artwork, aesthetically pleasing plants and office aquariums make for an inspiring yet relaxing workspace. 

3. Don’t Forget About Office Ergonomics

People usually underestimate the importance of ergonomic furniture in the workplace. Replace your traditional sit-down desk with a standing desk to boost comfort and productivity. 

Taking into account all the adverse effects of prolonged sitting, experts suggest investing in sit-stand desks that not only promote better posture but also let you alternate between periods of sitting and standing. 

Moving around keeps you active, improves blood circulation, strengthens your core and helps you burn some calories! Moreover, an adjustable standing table also places your monitor at the perfect height, reducing eye and neck strain.

Revamp your office space today!

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