Gift Ideas to Promote Office Fitness


As the war for talent increases, a growing number of companies continue to invest in company perks to make their employees happy. The tech sector, however, is leading the way, with Google reputed as the tech company with the best corporate culture.

Even those outside the industry have heard of the company perks that Google has to offer: free and never-ending gourmet food and snacks, ping-pong tables, laundry services, nap pods, and free “massage credits”. However, there’s more to the tech titan’s company culture than on-site amenities and free meals; the company is invested in finding ways to improve the health of its employees. 

Following the footsteps of Google, we believe that corporate wellness programs lead to greater employee retention, lower overall healthcare costs and increased productivity. To reap these benefits, it’s important to get as many employees on board as possible. One way to “incentivize” interest is through health and wellness giveaways.


 Here are our picks for fitness gift ideas for your employees:

Health stats and record keeper

Start the wellness program with free health screenings for your employees. A simple screening can easily check sugar and cholesterol levels, blood pressure and also provide BMI assessments, giving your colleagues an insight into their current health state. You can even gift a record book to encourage them to keep track of their screening information. 

Yoga supplies

Sitting for more than 5 hours is a productivity killer—and added work stress makes it worse! Yoga will not only help alleviate physical ailments, but it’ll also reduce fatigue and increase energy levels. Gifting yoga supplies to your employees is also a great opportunity to show company pride with branded yoga mats, yoga apparel and yoga bags. 

Health club partnerships

Negotiate an employee discount in a health club in your community. Even if your employees aren’t planning to join the club, they’ll still love to receive discounts on services. Those who have been thinking of joining a health club, but are not able to afford its expenses each month, receive an incentive to start a healthy lifestyle—in turn leading to increased productivity in the workplace. 

As an added bonus, encouraging employees to join the same gym is a great way of promoting team-building!

stand desk

Ergonomic office equipment

There’s no denying that introducing well-designed ergonomic office equipment in the workspace will directly improve productivity. A great option is gifting standing desks—to relieve chronic muscular pain! A standing desk will allow them to work comfortably while standing, which also gives way to improved blood circulation and increased movement of the body—as opposed to sitting in a chair for prolonged hours.

Height-adjustable standing desks are customized for the user’s body and sit-to-stand desks will allow your employees to switch between sitting and standing.

If you’re looking for options in adjustable standing desks, sit-stand hydraulic desks, treadmill desks, and stand up work benches, go through our online store to pick your favorites! You can even get them customized to your preference. Call us at (330) 807-1956 today for more information.

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