How Many Calories Can You Really Burn With A Treadmill Desk?


With how awfully sedentary the ordinary person’s lifestyle is, it comes as no surprise that people across the world are unhealthy. 

We sit at our desks all day, both at work and in school; we snack away eating junk by the loads; we use our tiredness as an excuse not to work out and then go home and binge-watch Netflix to unwind. We sleep, we eat, we repeat—and it’s becoming the death of us.

It’s hard to make time for a sweat session after a long day—it’s perfectly understandable. You lack energy; your mind is distracted, and all you want is some comfort food and your bed.

Treadmill Desks—An Unusual Solution

However, a treadmill desk is the perfect fix to combat unhealthy living. You can order a custom standing treadmill desk from our store and place it in your office or home, and squeeze in those valuable hours of exercise to your day.


A treadmill desk is an investment that you will want to make because it’s something that will change your life. Not only will it make your body more ergonomically correct, but it also improves posture, focus, energy, and, most of all, helps you get movement in. 

Typically, you won’t be running a 5k on your treadmill, at least while at work or while you’re studying—that is counterproductive and incredibly distracting. It is also a health hazard since you could get seriously injured.

Instead, a practical and effective solution is to maintain a speed that keeps you moving without putting you at risk. 

How effective are treadmill desks at burning calories?

In all honesty, unless you truly work at a higher speed, squeezing in a power walk or a run each day, quit smoking and drinking and eat a healthy, balanced diet, a treadmill desk alone won’t do much.

You can’t expect to work a miracle without the optimal effort, but treadmill desks are a start! 

In fact, while you’re standing, you’re already burning 50 more calories per hour, so a brisk walk and consistent movement are even better. While sitting, you burn anywhere from 60–130 calories, but standing alone means 100–200 calories each hour. Add walking to this mix and voila! 

Your average treadmill desk will allow you to move for up to 4 mph, which is not quite ideal if you wish to be able to focus on work. According to this chart by the Mayo Clinic, moving at even 2 mph, you’re burning around 200 calories if you’re at 160 lbs.

Browse through emails, make some calls, get work done, all while keeping your heart and body healthy and getting in a killer, low impact workout that accumulates to a significant amount by the end. 

So what’s holding you back? Get your hands on a treadmill desk today! You can also contact us to learn more about our custom desks.

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