Is A Standing Desk Better For Your Posture? A Discussion


We often hear that our state of health is linked to our posture. Poor posture is a result of bad standing and sitting habits developed over the years. However, only a few people have a real grasp of the necessity and importance of good posture. 

Good posture helps us walk, sit and stand in positions that put the least strain on our supporting ligaments during movement and carrying out weight-bearing activities. On the other hand, people who sit with poor posture put themselves at risk for a host of health problems, including poor circulation, misalignment of the knees and spine, exacerbation of arthritis, fatigue, jaw pain, headaches, and shoulder and back pain.

For people who spend prolonged periods sitting at a desk, an attractive option in the market is a standing desk. It allows you to work at your “desk job” while standing comfortably, compared to sitting hunched over in a chair. Additionally, it offers improved posture, increased productivity and relief from back pain. 


Correct joint alignment

One of the most important aspects of using a standing desk is to practice correct posture. This includes having your feet lay flat on the ground, while your head, neck, torso, and legs are in line and vertical. 

Keeping the bones and joints in correct alignment, when using a standing desk, ensures that our muscles are used correctly, reducing the risk of abnormal wearing, degenerative arthritis, and joint pain. 

Moreover, this also reduces the stress on your ligaments which hold your spinal joints, minimizing the likelihood of injury altogether.

Let’s look at some other benefits of standing desks:

Calorie burn

Standing burns more calories than sitting. A study has shown that standing can burn an extra .15 calories per minute. After all, obesity caused by sitting for long durations leads to a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes

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Less back pain

Moving throughout the day and switching between standing and sitting has shown to improve back pain. According to a study conducted in 2018, patients who use used a sit-stand desk experienced a 50% decrease in lower back pain.

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