Is Sitting The “New Smoking”? A Discussion


From heart disease to cancer, when you think of all the biggest threats to your life, you don’t really consider your chair and how it’s deteriorating your health day after day.

However, the evidence is piling up and more researchers agree that extended sitting is the “new smoking”. 

Research has revealed that by avoiding prolonged sitting, you can help prevent type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and back pain. 

So what’s the solution?


People believe that by exercising regularly, you should be able to counter the negative impact of sitting. If exercise could combat the effects of prolonged sitting, it wouldn’t be as big a problem. 

Unfortunately, exercising before or after extended periods of sitting does absolutely nothing for your health—prolonged sitting is a completely independent risk factor. As long as you keep doing it, you’re causing harm to your body. 

Scientist Katy Bowman has stated that you cannot undo the negative effects of sitting with a single hour of exercising. This is primarily because of how prolonged sitting can affect the body’s metabolism. 

Metabolic Rate

Our metabolism reduces by 90% after just half an hour of sitting. The enzymes that are responsible for transferring fat from our arteries to our muscles slow down, so we end up putting on weight in the long run. 

Cholesterol Levels

After two hours of sitting, our cholesterol levels drop by 20%. Think of the damage you’re doing to your body by sitting for multiple hours. 

By choosing to stand for just 2 minutes, our cholesterol levels can return to normal!

How Standing Desks Help

By using standing desks, you can give your body the break it so desperately needs from prolonged sitting. 

Standing desks use the power of hydraulics to adjust the height so that you can stretch your body. Choosing to stand every hour after 2 hours of sitting promotes blood flow, increases metabolic rate, engages various muscle groups and improves attention. 

Studies have shown that stand-up desks can reverse the damage caused by extended periods of sitting. 

Do you sit behind a desk for long hours of the day? Consider using a stand-up desk to prevent health problems. 

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