Kids And Treadmill Desks: Is It A Good Idea?


Parents, teachers and school administrators are always looking for ways to motivate kids to do better. With the increase in social media and cell phone use, easy access to computers and an abundance of unhealthy food options, it’s no wonder that kids nowadays struggle with energy, focus, and performance.

Sedentary lifestyles and new age exhaustion have left the younger generation struggling to be as energetic and productive as their predecessors and some schools have taken steps to combat this.

A popular trend that we have seen has been the introduction of treadmill desks to middle and high school classrooms.

Treadmill Desks in the Classroom

Treadmill desks have become increasingly popular in workplaces over the past few decades as adults realize the harmful effects of sitting at desks for hours on end. It’s only when you are in your 20s or 30s of 40s that you begin to realize the damage you have caused to your body.

When your weight won’t shed, your joints hurt and your vision is blurry from hours of sitting and staring at a screen. A lot of the damage begins when you’re younger though.

This is where early intervention comes in—if you reach out to your teens and kids at the right age, you can set them on the path to a healthier life.

In fact, these desks aren’t restricted to the classroom alone. Parents are introducing these to the home so that their kids can enjoy the benefits these desks offer.

Benefits of Treadmill Desks for Kids

There has been debate around the practicality and benefits of treadmill desks, with suggestions that they are excessive and act more as a distraction than anything.

However, they offer far more benefits for kids than disadvantages for kids. It is obviously harder to put young children—who tend to be a lot more active as well—on a moving treadmill and expect them to focus. So these desks work better for older children so as to be safe. Some of the biggest advantages of treadmill desk workstations for kids are:

1) Better Focus

Since kids will be moving and consuming more oxygen, without really being in a state of cardio or extreme exercise, they will have sharper minds and response times. They are also able to focus better and these desks are especially helpful for kids who have problems focusing.

study tables

2) Better Use of Energy

Since younger people have bouts of restlessness and energy that need to be used, they can channel it productively and without causing distraction. Not only do they help use energy effectively, these desks also create more energy through mild exercise.

3) Active Lifestyle

Last but not least, they also help kids move toward a more active lifestyle that incorporates movement and momentum. Even if they’re engaged in schoolwork and using a computer or writing, they are able to get movement in. This is always a great addition to anybody’s lifestyle.

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