Marie Kondo Your Office with These 4 Tips

marie kondo

Organizing your office space is similar to organizing your home—it’s time-consuming, you don’t ever feel like doing it, but it’s a task that must be done. A well-organized office is known to improve focus and efficiency. Once everything is in place, you spend less time sifting through the clutter.

To help our readers feel less stressed throughout the day, in this blog, we’ll list 4 tips on how you can create a perfectly organized workspace.

Keep Important Things Close

Start off by creating a list of things you’re likely to use on a daily and weekly basis or things that are important to keep nearby. This way, you can keep such items at an arm’s length and use them when necessary. Items that don’t make it on the list can be stored in closets and drawers to save space and prevent clutter.

For example, if you scarcely use the printer, you can keep it far away so that it doesn’t needlessly occupy desk space.

Work near a Window

Position the desk near a window so you can look outside. According to The American Institute of Stress, visual access to nature has numerous physiological and emotional benefits. It increases concentration levels and reduces stress. Sitting next to a window will allow you to occasionally glance outside.

The process is easier to carry out if you have your own office space at home. Otherwise, you can always request your boss to move your desk near a window.

Keep a Trash Can Right Next to your Desk

Not having a trashcan right next to the desk is one of the biggest reasons behind a messy workplace. Unwanted files and papers can pile up on the floor or desk and make the entire place seem untidy. Just be sure to shred papers with personal information before you toss them in the bin and frequently change the trash bag to keep it fresh and clean.


Get a Standing Desk

The benefits of using a standup desk are well known by now. There are even treadmill desks that enable users to exercise while working behind a computer. Purchasing one will ensure you get the work done while getting in some much-needed exercise.

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