There Really A Connection Between Sitting and Anxiety?


Sitting down for prolonged hours has proven to do more damage to us than we ever thought. There is plenty of scientific evidence proving that sitting for extended hours can increase the risk of heart disease, back problems, chronic pain, hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes and more.

new study has now revealed that prolonged sitting can also affect our mental health. The study discovered a connection between extended hours of sitting and anxiety. The longer we spend sitting, the more prone we are to developing anxiety.

Here’s how prolonged sitting increases anxiety:

Low Energy Levels

Leading a sedentary lifestyle lowers our energy levels. Activities such as working on a computer, watching TV or playing video games cause our bodies to become inactive.

This sedentary behavior has been linked to numerous health problems like heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, and type 2 diabetes.

As of yet, there is limited research on the impact of sedentary behavior on mental health, but after this review, more studies will likely follow.

Disturbances in Sleep Patterns

If we are sitting for long hours, we’re not getting enough exercise; this inactivity causes disturbances in sleep. Sleep dysfunction leads to even more health problems like changes in metabolic rate (which can lead to obesity) and impact our mental wellbeing.

Poor Metabolic Health

If you aren’t losing weight even after eating healthy and getting an hour of exercise every day, it is likely because of your poor metabolic health caused by prolonged sitting.

By sitting for extended periods, you’re slowing down your metabolic rate, which means you’re burning fewer calories in a workout. Because your metabolic rate slows down, you are at greater risk of obesity. Before you know it, your poor physical health begins to impact your mental wellbeing too.

As more evidence comes out warning the public of negative impacts of prolonged sitting, organizations, and consumers have been looking for solutions.

Standing desks have proven to be a healthier alternative to traditional desks. They are equipped with hydraulics that allow consumers to adjust the height of the desk and work while standing up.

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With our standing desks, you can enjoy a healthier and happier life.

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