Is A Standing Desk Better For Your Posture? A Discussion

We often hear that our state of health is linked to our posture. Poor posture is a result of bad standing and sitting habits developed over the years. However, only a few people have a real grasp of the necessity and importance of good posture.  Continue reading “Is A Standing Desk Better For Your Posture? A Discussion”

Kids And Treadmill Desks: Is It A Good Idea?

Parents, teachers and school administrators are always looking for ways to motivate kids to do better. With the increase in social media and cell phone use, easy access to computers and an abundance of unhealthy food options, it’s no wonder that kids nowadays struggle with energy, focus, and performance.

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3 Things Teachers Can Do To Help Students Focus

As a teacher, looking at kids gossiping with each other, daydreaming, or engaging in acts unrelated to the subject is pretty common. The digital age has further complicated the problem by reducing the student’s attention span and making it harder for them to focus. Also, not every child possesses the same capacity to learn and some are even bogged down by learning disabilities. Continue reading “3 Things Teachers Can Do To Help Students Focus”

Standing Desks – Which One Is Best?

As Americans have become more health conscious in recent years, several new ideas that were once seen as out-of-the-ordinary have made their way into the mainstream. One such concept is that of the standing desk. Studies have shown that sitting all day can be detrimental to one’s health, contributing to such ailments as poor posture, weight gain, and even increasing the risk of heart failure. While simply standing by itself is not the answer to an overall healthier life – physical exercise is still the most important – many workers have taken a liking to standing days, saying that they feel more energetic and productive when they use them.

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