Standing Desks – Which One Is Best?

As Americans have become more health conscious in recent years, several new ideas that were once seen as out-of-the-ordinary have made their way into the mainstream. One such concept is that of the standing desk. Studies have shown that sitting all day can be detrimental to one’s health, contributing to such ailments as poor posture, weight gain, and even increasing the risk of heart failure. While simply standing by itself is not the answer to an overall healthier life – physical exercise is still the most important – many workers have taken a liking to standing days, saying that they feel more energetic and productive when they use them.

While the extent of the health benefits of a standing desk have been disputed for years now, there is no doubt that standing for at least certain periods throughout the day is far healthier than sitting for eight to ten consecutive hours. Many workers have reported feeling more energized, creative, and even more satisfied with their jobs after switching to standing desks. They avoid the well-known 2pm crash because they find themselves to be moving about more and paying more attention to their work.

Standing desks have been around for over two decades but have seen a boom in popularity in the past few years. Many people opt for desktop adjustable tables, considering them to be the same as a typical standing desk. This, however, is not true. An adjustable table sits atop an already existing sit-down desk and simply allows you to adjust the height of your computer workstation while leaving the rest of your workplace at its original height. These can be convenient for those who don’t want to get rid of their existing desk but want to reap the health benefits of standings while working. However, they don’t necessarily offer the full range of working benefits that a true standing desk can provide.

While a tabletop piece is portable and can be used for a worker who is constantly traveling, it will never live up to the expectation of a true standing desk. Often, these pieces are made of cheap plastic and are easily susceptible to damage. They are usually not customizable, so if the purchaser doesn’t fall within average height ranges, they are likely to be unable to find the perfect position to suit their standing needs. Because these lackluster pieces only accommodate a screen and keyboard, it can be a nuisance for people who need to utilize other components such as notepads, pens, or tablets. A tabletop piece may work in a pinch for someone who has an immediate need for a standing desk, but it will never replace the functionality of a permanent standing desk.

Another popular trend in recent years is the hydraulic adjustable table, also known as the sit-stand desk. These function by using hydraulic legs to move the entire desktop up or down depending on whether the worker wants to sit or stand. They can be manual or automatic and some offer height presets in the case of multiple users. While these offer flexibility and customization, they are generally more unsightly than pure standing desks and often made from lower quality materials. For many people, a true standing desk offers the most benefits, but there are many things to look for when searching for ideal product.

Hydraulic adjustable tables often come with a steep price tag that isn’t justified by the quality of the desk. Hydraulics are known to have a variety of maintenance issues, and material quality, specifically wood, is often overlooked in favor placing emphasis on the hydraulic mechanism. This means the buyer is left with a desk that may provide multiple heights but fails to offer the functionality or warmth of a handmade, permanent structure. Paying top-dollar for cheap materials is a big mistake in the world of standing desks, but it is far too common.

As with any major purchase, quality should always be the determining factor. A work environment should be professional, and the furnishings should reflect the integrity of the organization. Hydraulic desks rarely exude a look of professionalism and are often noisy and clunky while offering very little other than the ability to adjust the height of the tabletop. Most of the industry-leading hydraulic desks provide very little, if anything, in the way of storage. This means the user will have to procure his own drawers, cabinets, and storage systems lest he wants to deal with a mess of papers and supplies scattered about the desktop.

A pure standing desk avoids these downfalls of the hydraulic tables by offering a fully functional office desk at a higher position. Because the desk is built at a sturdy, static position, shelves, cabinets, and other storage options can be included. Hydraulic pumps make it difficult to customize a desk in this way, meaning that users will often have to resort to materials that don’t match with the desk or do away with the concept of storage entirely. Another benefit of a pure standup desk is that it can be built from a variety of high quality woods without sacrificing space or functionality.

One important factor in purchasing a standing desk is that it should be American made. Due to the stringent standards in the American lumber industry, a desk manufactured in the USA is guaranteed to be of higher quality than those made abroad. Because of America’s expansive variety of woodlands, buyers have a plethora of woods to choose from. These include Oak, Character Quartersawn White Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Brown Maple, Hard (white) Maple, Curly (tiger) Maple, Birdseye Maple, Rustic Cherry, Cherry, Walnut, and Mahogany. This means that there are options to match any style of home or office. From a light, minimalist modern look to a rich, 19th century burgundy style, American wood offers the colors and textures for any taste.

Another advantage of American made desks is that purchasers can be sure that they are buying from a reputable source. American woodworkers take great pride in their work and strive to provide top-of-the-line products with much attention paid to detail. Knockoff desks from overseas often look completely different than what is portrayed online, and the structural integrity fails to match up to even some of the cheapest American desks. Saving a few dollars on cheaply made furniture on the front end up usually ends up being more expensive in the long run, as customers have to continually replace parts or even scrap the desk completely in favor of a new one.

One step up from standard American desks are those that are produced by the Amish. Amish-made furniture is well-known for being some of the highest quality furniture available. This is because the Amish make every piece of furniture by hand. Meticulous craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations of Amish families stands out spectacularly when a piece of Amish furniture is surveyed. In general, Amish-made furniture is among the best when it comes to quality, beauty, durability, and sustainability. This goes for standing desks just as it goes for tables, cabinets, benches, and chairs.

Because the Amish build every piece by hand, this means that all of their desks are fully customizable. For those that don’t fall into the average American height range, it can be difficult to find the right desk at a department store or in an online catalogue. A tall person may have to slouch over in order to type, leading to even worse back pain and injury than they experienced from sitting all day at their previous desk. A shorter person will have to look up for hours at a time, contributing to neck fatigue. Both of these people can be helped by purchasing a customized, handmade standing desk built with the highest levels of care and integrity by the detail-oriented Amish workers.

This attention to detail is what sets Amish desks apart from the many available in the marketplace today. No stone is left unturned when sourcing wood, creating the blueprint, and putting the desk together. Every gorgeous piece of manually polished and stained furniture comes with a different look, giving each desk owner a unique, one-of-a-kind piece to cherish forever. Purchasers of Amish-made desks will take notice of the strength and sturdiness of the materials as well as the smoothness of the drawers and cabinets of their choosing. Even the smallest details such as drawer handles and hinges will exhibit a superior sense of dexterity and craftsmanship.

One oft-overlooked benefit of Amish built furniture is its sustainability. The Amish are passionate about the environment and are dedicated to leaving behind a minimal footprint. They source their materials locally and recycle any unused wood into composite materials. By not utilizing electricity and working in natural light, they further their positive impact on the environment. Every Amish-made desk purchase comes with the peace of mind that the buyer now owns an environmentally-friendly product made here in America.

With so many factors involved in choosing the perfect standing desk, it can be difficult to start the process. The good news is that there are a wide variety of desks available which means every person should find a suitable piece. One company offering top-tier, American and Amish-made, fully customizable standing desks is Each desk is made by Amish Country Furniture Sales, who take special care to manufacture each desk perfectly by hand. They use only the finest wood and finishing materials, and even offer a lifetime warranty, which is unheard of for most standing or hybrid desks.

All of the desks are are made to order, so whether customers are short, average height, or tall, they will be receiving a piece of furniture that perfectly fits their height. Many desks come with multiple options for width and length, so buyers can choose the size that best works in their home or office. Architects with complex projects and a spacious lab may opt for extra-long desks to expand their workspace, while work-from-home writers may choose the more compact options to optimize the layout of their smaller room. The options are seemingly limitless.

At, quality and customization are of utmost importance. Aside from size customization, there are a vast array of styles, designs, and wood species’ available. From a more delicate red oak to hard, rich mahogany, has something for everybody. Everything from sleek, basic computer desks to well-ornamented executive desks and even captain’s desks are available to be custom-built and tailored for any specific needs. Take, for instance, the Da Vinci 3-in-1 Stand-up Desk. This stunning piece of work combines 3 different styles to offer the ultimate in versatility while remaining sleek, stylish, and sturdy. It includes a flat top to function as a computer desk, a lift top lid for storage, and a set of expertly designed drawers. This is the perfect desk for the multi-tasker who enjoys staying on their feet.

For those who want a more simplistic design or don’t require all the bells and whistles of the 3-in-1, the Library Stand is an excellent choice. Its design is simple and minimalist, but that does not detract from its grace and beauty. The Library Stand is perfect for the worker who simply needs a place to read, write, or surf the internet. The standard version comes without drawers, but options for one or two drawers are available for those who need storage. A bookshelf can also be added underneath if desired.

For the history enthusiast, the Benjamin Franklin Desk is a distinctive and intriguing piece of furniture. With its exclusive colonial style and customizable sizes, this is a wonderful desk for drafting, writing, or brainstorming. A drafting desktop can be added for those who desire it. The legs are removable, so this desk will fit through any doorway, making for easy moving and storage.

Another historic option is the Thomas Jefferson Stand-up Desk. Jefferson, perhaps the most well-known of standing desk users, and possibly even the originator of the trend, often did his work at a desk just like this one. Simplistic in style but advanced in functionality, this desk is a great option for a multitude of tasks. It can be used for reading, writing, drafting, or even performing work on a laptop. With a deceptive amount of storage, this may be the only desk required for those who like to keep clutter to minimum.

Straying from the historical models, the Executive Stand-Up Desk is perfect for the business professional who wants a distinguished yet classic look. Fully customizable for all heights and desired widths, this luxurious desk is rife with style, detail, and beauty. This is a great option for the busy executive who needs storage for his or her files as it comes equipped with 6 large drawers and even includes the option for more! Everything about this desk can be customized, from the drawer handles to the leg style to the seat cover, so every customer will be receiving a truly inimitable piece of art.

For those who can’t get past the idea of an adjustable sit-stand hydraulic desk, offers a one of a kind product that promises higher quality than other brands while maintaining the customization and integrity that are inherent in all of their other Amish-made standing desks. The Bradford Hydraulic Sit/Stand Desk is, like all the others, tailored in width, wood species, and stain to suit the customer’s requests. When resting at sitting height, nobody would ever be able to tell that this is a hybrid desk, as the hydraulic mechanism is hidden completely within the striking wooden mainframe of the desk. The easily operable mechanism allows the user to set the top of the desk at any height up to 53”. Available in oak, quarter sawn oak, cherry, brown maple, and walnut, this is truly the most customizable and highest quality sit/stand desk on the market. Buyers can even choose their writing surface, drawer style, and whether or not to purchase a stool. offers a lifetime warranty on all of their items, meaning that buyers can rest assured knowing that they are receiving the highest quality products and that any manufacturing or material defects will be covered over the life of the desk. This is a benefit that isn’t generally provided by even the most expensive hydraulic desk manufacturers! By providing affordable, reliable desks built by Amish Country Furniture Sales, has enjoyed years of success thanks to a strong work ethic and a satisfied base of customers. These desks are easy to buy through a simple, intuitive website, and customer service reps are ready to answer any questions that customers may have.

If you are tired of suffering from a sore neck or back brought on by sitting all day, then it’s time you considered switching over to a standing desk or a hydraulic hybrid. At, we are proud to offer a wide array of handmade, customizable standup desks and hybrids for all shapes, sizes, and styles. Our Amish-built products are put together using only the finest, most sustainable lumber and are made-to-order as per your specifications. Stop slouching at your old, worn-out sitting desk and visit today!

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