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The following is a write up from Today's Chiropractic, the world's most widely read chiropractic publication.

For the estimated 66 million Americans who suffer from chronic back pain, anything that reduces the agony without drugs or surgery comes as welcome news. Until now, those with desk jobs have had little choice but to end long days at the office with aching backs.

According to a study by the Spine Resource Clinic at the University of Washington in Seattle, sitting puts 40 to 80 percent more stress on the back than standing does. A new option from Ohio’s Amish country actually brings back a productivity tool from colonial American times.

“Back in 1770, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence at a stand up desk he himself made,” explains Akron Ohio, businessman Jim Gattuso. “I became interested in stand up desks because of my chronic back pain, and I thought, “Who better to help me bring back this great idea that my Amish friends and neighbors? Their furniture-making craftsmanship does back to colonial times as well, and their handsome creations using traditional techniques are built to last forever.”

According to leading authorities on ergonomics and pack pain, most people can work better and longer in a standing position. It helps them think to be able to shift their hips or move from side to side. Someone who often gets ideas when they pace would be an especially good candidate for a stand-up desk. And it’s good for people who have different places in their office to work so that they can sit or stand. With a stand-up desk, you can do either.

All standing desks from the Amish Country Furniture Sales are hand-crafted to order, with not only the desk height customized but also the width (up to 5 feet wide), style, type of wood (oak, cherry, mahogany), stain and other various options. The company offers computer desks, writing desks, drafting desks and other, with prices starting at $895.

“Fans of standup desks include CEOs, computer programmers, attorneys, bankers, writers; sever famous authors, like Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway, used standup desks,” adds Gattuso.

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The following is a write up from Trial Magazine, a publication produced and distributed by ATLA, Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Hours spent poring over briefs and depositions can often take a toll on your back. Try a standing desk from Amish Country Furniture Sales to ease the pain.

According to a study by the Spine Resource Clinic at the University of Washington, sitting puts 40 percent to 80 percent more stress on the back than standing. A stand-up desk allows you to relieve that stress and keep the blood circulating.

All desks are handcrafted to order, are up to 5 feet wide, and are tailored to the customer’s height. You can select the type of wood and the stain. Computer desks, writing desks, drafting desks, and other styles are available. Prices start at $895.

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