Da Vinci 2-in-1 Standing Desk

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Da Vinci 2-in-1 Standing Desk

Da Vinci 2-in-1 Standing Desk - QUICK STATS:

Available Widths: 2'6" to 6'6"'. In between sizes will be priced to the closest size.
Available Depths: Standard Depth is 29 inches, but customizations are available with a minimum depth of 24 inches.
Available Height: Measured from the desks front lip & made to order: Be sure to read our Measuring Tips Page before determining the desk height.
Available Woods:
Oak, Brown Maple, White Maple, Rustic Cherry, Hickory, Quarter Sawn Oak, Cherry, American Walnut, Tiger/Curly Maple, Birdseye Maple, and Imported Mahogany.
Deluxe Package Upgrade Available:  Yes. Includes: Deluxe Body Molding, Deluxe Footrest Rail Upgrade, Georgian Style Fluted Legs, Leather Inlay Desktop, Drawer Locks & Pull-out Side Shelves.

Available Leather Inlays: Black, Hunter Green, Dark (Chocolate) Brown, Bomber Brown, Oxblood (Burgundy), Navy Blue, Taupe (Tan).

Available Finishing: All standard stains plus custom finishing available.

Available Underneath Shelves: 8" deep book, 12" deep book or 14" deep rack shelf.

Da Vinci 2-in-1 Standing Desk - DETAILS:

        The Da Vinci 2-in-1 is a combination of our two most popular style desks. The Virginia Woolf and the Winston Churchill come together to create even more functionality and style. It is available in 2'6", 3', 3'6", 4', 4'6', 5', 5'6", 6', and 6'6" widths. (Important Note: Desks wider than 4' come with split-tops.
Desk Sizes: This desk model is delivered fully assembled, customers should make sure that they have appropriate measurements to make sure your desk can be maneuvered through your office or homes doorways or corridors.
     Your desks height will be made to order so you can be sure your stand-up desk will fit you perfectly. The lift top lid provides deep storage space and the extra drawer or drawers, based on your desks width, will keep all your important papers and materials on hand. Deluxe Package Upgrade options may also be ordered on your desk individually to suit your tastes. Additional options available for this desk are: Raised or reverse panels sides, Pull-out keyboard tray or Drawer Bridge, Rear Drop Leaf Extensions in 4 sizes with adjustable chairs or handcrafted stools.
     Standard drawer placement is 1 drawer for desks 24 inches to 36 inches wide, 1 or 2 drawers for desks 36 inches to 42 inches wide, 2 drawers for desks 48 inches to 54 inches wide, 2 or 3 drawers for desks 60 inches wide and 3 drawers for 66 inches and greater. Of course, you can always customize this further by leaving us special instructions on your preference or speaking to a designer at the time of your review. Every desk order is fully reviewed by one of our designers before going into production. 
     If you select the Pull-out Keyboard Tray Drawer (added option) it will measure 6.25 inches down from the front of the desk on Standard Models and 8.25 inches down on the Deluxe Models. Take this into consideration when determining your height.

    When it comes to standing desks there are the hydraulic tables that have flooded the US market over the past ten years and there are beautiful looking standing adjustable desks that are actually furniture and not just table tops affixed on top of a set of hydraulic legs. Which will look best in your office? The choice is clear. Of course, fine furniture is going to cost more than bare hydraulic steel legs but which do you want for your executive office, something that looks like it belongs in a science lab or a fine piece of furniture that matches your existing office decor? And when you consider the improved productivity that comes from a standing desk or a standing adjustable desk, how can you put a value on that? Most of us think better on our feet. But, that being the case doesn't necessarily mean we want to be standing all day long. With our standing desks, you can rotate from sitting to standing in half-hour intervals throughout the day for maximum efficiency using a stool or using your stand up desk as an extra desk for maximum productivity.

   Many customers have told us our da Vinci line of standing desks are the most beautiful stand-up desks on the market today. We tend to agree. When properly configured with the right wood species and leather inlay you'd be hard pressed to find a more attractive stand-up desk anywhere. We are proud this model was selected more than once for executives inside the White House and we have dozens of military officers who use this model in the Pentagon as well as Military bases throughout the U.S., Japan, and Europe.

Let us find the perfect stain, wood, and leather to make your Da Vinci a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in your home or office.

Call 888-825-8423 to speak with one of our designers.

If you would like a print out of the desk order form with prices and options click the link BELOW.


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