How To Order


There are several ways that you can place an order for our desks:

Submission Walk-through by Phone: If you would like to talk to a sales representative and place your order via telephone feel free to call us and we will walk you through your order. Call toll-free 800-383-1356 or email

Order By Mail or Fax: If paying by credit card fill out the pdf order form, print it out, and mail it.Signature required for credit card purchases on all custom-made furniture.

Order Online: Click the appropriate link (GREEN BOXES THAT SAY: To Place A Secure Online Order Please Click Here. Once finished, double check your options and click submit. The order will then be securely sent directly to our sales department and you will receive a call back to confirm and review your order. Technically your order is not processed online and your credit card is not processed online. Your deposit is not charged until we review your order with you and then it is processed in our very secure office.

Order ASAP: The sooner you get your order in to us the sooner you are in line for getting your desk or furniture made. Typical order turnaround times average around 12 weeks.

If you need a desk ASAP due to illness or injury give us a call. We usually keep 2 to 6 desks in stock for emergencies and some models can be manufactured more quickly than others.

Order With Confidence: J&V Consulting, Inc. is an Ohio based corporation in business since 1984. Amish Country Furniture Sales is a dba of J&V and has been in operation since 1994 manufacturing stand-up desks and drafting tables. Since our inception, we have made desks for virtually every branch of the United States government and some of the top corporations in the US. We are proud to be able to say several of our desks have been placed in the White House! If you wish to speak to one of our customers in your area or talk to someone from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Reserve Bank, Social Security Administration, IRS, or the Pentagon . . . we will gladly give you some referrals. We also have a very high 93 D&B rating and we can fax you a copy of it or you can acquire one yourself directly from Dunn & Bradstreet. Just type in Amish Country Furniture Sales in Ohio. We make the finest custom-made standing desks in America and we have some very impressive customers who will gladly attest to that fact. Also, be sure and read our testimonial page. They are all 100% real and you may call any one of them. You can order from us with 100% confidence.

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