Measuring Tips

There is no science involved in determining what is the correct height a standing desk should be for you. There are only rules of thumb. Always start at elbow height (your elbow to the floor) and experiment from there. If you are ordering a desk with a sloped desktop it is very important to remember you have a 4" slope from the front lip to the back ledge. So, your work area is going to be 2" higher than what you order because we measure to the front lip. If you order a desk 44" high the desk will measure 44" at the front lip and slope up from there. The center of the desk will be 46" and the rear ledge will be 48". On a flat top desk or a 3-in-1, the flat-top portion would be 44". Most people find elbow height or an inch below elbow height feels best. However, it is essential that you create a makeshift surface at the height that you think will work best for you and experiment with a legal pad, or keyboard or book and see if that height feels right for you. You can accomplish this by stacking books or boxes on top of your existing desk, Or you might find a shelf in your home or office that is around the correct height for you. Sometimes an adjustable ironing board will go high enough to get you to a comfortable height.

People who use their standup desk mostly for reading usually order a desk on the high side. People using a laptop or keyboard might order a desk an inch lower to accommodate the inch added by the keyboard. The reason we ask you how tall you are on the order form is just to make sure you are ordering a desk with a height within the parameters of what is normal for most people your height.

For example, most men 5'11" order a desk 44". That puts the center of their sloped top desk at 46". If that same 5'11" man orders a flat top desk he might still order his desk at 44" because he is using a laptop on his standing desk. So, it is always best to experiment and make sure what feels right for you. Your desk is an investment in your health and work productivity that will pay off for years to come. Our standing desks are built to last a lifetime and carry a lifetime guarantee. Getting the height right is important. This is why buying a upright desk off a furniture stores floor usually won't work. You just can not make a stand up desk "one size fits all".

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