2014 Key West Stand up Writing Desk Order Form & Price List

Base Prices are in Oak

Basic Options

Desk Height:
The desk height will be measure to the flat section of a desktop, the front lip if the desk is all sloped. (If you're unsure or need help deciding desk's height, please call us and/or check the "need help" box. Be sure you give us your height if left blank in the customer information section of this form)

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Desk Width:
Widths less than 3'6" must have either an all slope or all flat desktop.(On a 3'6" desk this equals 24" Slope & 18" Flat sections as a minimum, customizations can be made, just not recommended. 6 inch increments can be added to either slope or flat sections as the size increases. If you would like an all slope or all flat desk, take a look at our Virginia Woolf (all slope) or Computer (all flat) desks.
Slope Side:
This will determine where you would like the slope section configured on your desktop. Most right handed people prefer the slope on the left with the flat writing area on the right. A desk should be at least 36 feet (42) to have a slope and flat-top section with a 24 inch min. slope and an 18 inch min flat-top section. Narrower customizations can be made, just not recommended.
Slope Size:
This will reflect how many inches you would like the slope section of desktop to be. A slope minimum needs to be 24 inches with at least 18 inches of flat-top section. Narrower customizations can be made, just not recommended.

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Wood Species:
Base prices are in Oak/ Red Oak. Eleven different wood species offered. This will reflect the grain your selection offers, not the stain choice. Some desk models my be limited in choice.
Footrest Rail:
Standard options are at no additional cost. Deluxe upgrades will reflect a price change if not included in a Deluxe Upgrade Package. See Deluxe Footrest Rail Upgrade for upgrade options in Brass or Nickel.
Standard Stain Choice:
These are the stain choices offered under each of ten wood species at the hyperlink provided. These choices are at no additional cost to the customer and are included as part of the order process. Please enter Sample Request if undecided. (For types of stains on each wood species, please refer to http://www.standupdesks.com/stain.shtml)

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Custom Stain Color:
A custom stain is only needed when a standard stain from our stain gallery cannot be found, special dyes are required, a sample is required from our customer to make an exact match, or a lacquer finish is requested.
Underneath Bookshelves:
A bookshelf is a standard option that may come in a variety of sizes & possibilities located below the desktop. This desk offers three sizes; an 8 in solid book (for smaller books and regular sized books), a 12 in bookshelf ( for larger books and three ring binders) and a 14 in rack shelf (for CPU, Printers, HDs, or Decorations). For custom desk depths under 29 in please speak with an associate to make sure your shelf selection will fit.
Writing Surface:
A standard option at no additional cost on most desk models. Choose from one of our seven leather inlays or select a solid all wood surface. An all wood surface comes standard with a Catch Rail. A Catch Rail on a leather inlay sloped surface is by request. The leather inlay is applied to the sloped desktop section of desks with a slope section and flat-top section.
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Additional Options

Deluxe Footrest Rail Upgrade:
Deluxe rails are offered in Brass and Nickel. Part of the Deluxe Upgrade Package or added option. This desk model does not feature a Deluxe Package Upgrade
Pull-out Side Shelves:
Only available as an added option when drawers are included on a desk order. This selection allows shelves that extend out from the desk body to provided added surface space. Can very in width/length based on the overall width of your desk. If you would like only one side board, please specify which side in the special instructions. Pricing does not change.
Rear Drop Leaf Extension:
Four possible sizes 6, 7, 8 and 9 inch lengths. Locks into place while in the up position and Provides a seamless and very sturdy extension to you desktop to provide added workspace. (view photo)
Georgian Style Fluted Legs:
Three groove flutes that are carved into the legs of your desk for added flare and style. Part of the Deluxe Upgrade Package or added option. Not recommended for this desk model designed to have a more contemporary style. (view photo)
Raised or Reversed Panel Sides:
Side panels encapsulate the desk on the left, right and rear sides. These panels extend from floor level to the underside of the desktop of to give any of our standup desks a more executive styled look. (view photo)
Interior Organizational Tray:
Standard option included with this desk model.
Handmade Stools:
Reg. stools are custom made to fit the height of your desk. If the desk you order has a leather writing surface, the stool will have a matching leather cushion. Mission Stools are a fixed 30" to a wooden seat) Mission Stools cannot be matched for heights on Deluxe Model Desks under 42 inches.
(view photo - regular style)

Stool Leather Seat Cover:
If your desk has an All Wood desktop, please specify the leather for your stool. Mission Stools come with a wooded back and seat.
Drafting Top Option
This option applies to the flat-top section of a Key West desktop. Some custom orders have requested two equally split, flat-top sections with a drafting option. A duel side drafting option can only be applied to a completely flat desktop.
Desk Depth:
Standard Depth on most desks are 29 in, but can be customized. Desk are fully assembled on delivery. Be sure the doorways or hallways will accommodate your selection. Desks over 30 in deep will have a $25.00 charge applied per inch.There is no additional customization charge on desk requests shallower than 29 in. Use this for any special depth requests.

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Special/Custom Feature:
This selection is for any special request feature that my require an additional customization charge and is not covered in the selectable options. These are based on an order by order basis, discussed with the customer in advance and applied after an order is submitted. Costs will vary by request. Please define your request in the Special Instructions section.
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Shipping Options

Shipping Location
When placing your order, please inquire about projected delivery dates. Average delivery time is three weeks on in stock items and eight to twelve weeks on custom orders. Freight charges include custom packaging, insurance, commercial shipping charges. If inside delivery isn't ordered, please make plans for inside placement. Please see options below for driver assistance and/or a lift gate. We will contact you prior to shipment and give you a tracking number and estimated delivery date. Filing Cabinet freight requires a quote based on size and destinations.

Your region: (if outside of Continental US or Canada, please call for quote) :
Midwest U.S. and Canada (+$195)
Southern U.S. and Canada (+$225)
Eastern U.S. and Canada (+$250)
Western U.S. and Canada (+$295)
Outside Continental US or Canada (call for quote)

Delivery to Residential Address:
yes (+$25) no
Do You Need Unloading Assistance or Inside Delivery?:
Unloading Assistance - Driver to help unload your item curbside only. Does not include moving of any sort.
Inside Delivery - Service is subcontracted to a local moving company and includes unloading, placement and removal of packaging debris.

unloading assistance (+$55)
inside delivery (+$200)
Truck with Liftgate:
(Liftgates are suggested for larger, heavier desks. Additional charges apply when using these trucks.)

yes (+$85) no
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Customer Information

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Special Instructions

Enter Instructions:

Terms of Sale

Check, company check, credit card or money orders. 50% down on all custom orders. Balance due the week before shipping.On custom orders please allow 8 to 12 weeks. Customers paying their deposit, balance or both by credit card or check understand that you are ordering a custom made piece of furniture that may not be suitable for any other future customer of Standupdesks.com/J&V Marketing Inc. Therefore, credit card payments are non-refundable and you further understand that no custom made desks or furniture orders may be canceled or returned for credit unless damaged in shipment. We will contact you regarding the status of your furniture as it progresses. Always feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions or to check on the construction progress of your furniture.

Payment Information

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